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Welcome to Brooklyn Balls - how sweet it is!

Food has always played a really special part of my family life, especially around the holidays. My mom and I made a treat for Christmas that was a fan favorite - peanut butter balls (now lovingly called the OG Ball, since that's where I got my start in the world of balls!). People would put in requests months before the holidays to ensure they got their hands on some.

Whenever I was asked in a job interview what job I would have if I could do anything, I would say I wanted to own a bakery or sweets business. It was something my grandma always encouraged me to do. She would pick up something I baked or freshly dipped peanut butter balls and say "You should quit your job and make things like this all day."

When the opportunity opened up for me to embark on a new career path, I thought about what my grandma used to say to me and spent my time in the kitchen creating the additional 3 flavors Brooklyn Balls sells today - Beach Balls,  Doughs Balls and Oreo Balls. 

Since launching this summer, my husband, Lee, who is the best business partner I could have ever asked for, and I have had the best time running a business that is not only incredibly fun and rewarding, but delicious too!

With love,

Lauren Ryan Hamacher

Founder & Owner of Brooklyn Balls



Brooklyn, NY